Do You Have What It Takes To Make It?

Last year business in Ireland was up 5%. Was your business up 5%? The following are basic tips on how to get your business moving and improving.

1. Send some handwritten cards to clients.
Thank them, inspire them, give them some free business ideas or tips. Your clients will remember how much they like you and may hire you for something new.

2. Write an actual business plan.
Be honest; you never did one, and that’s okay. Just do it now

3. Take an online class, or attend a small business seminar in your city.

4. Round up some testimonials or post testimonials from your favourite clients.  Send out a nice email asking for reviews.

5. Revamp your website.

6. Check in on past clients
They may want to hire you for a new project, and they’ll definitely be grateful you care enough to check in on them and answer any questions they may have.

7. Create a marketing plan.

8. Plan out your next post; try a style of post you've never written before.

9. Identify three areas of life/business where you can start saving money.
Find a less expensive phone plan? Look for better car insurance rates? Or, perhaps … get ready for this one … live without takeaway lunch for a month and make it at home.

10. Buy yourself or a client an inexpensive small business gift. Great for encouragement and inspiration.

11. Get new business cards.

12. Get yourself a good book on business, social media, etc.

13. Make a financial plan to save for that next item (camera, laptop, software) you need for your business.
It still surprises me what we’re capable of financially if we stop eating out, give up a little entertainment, and find other places to save

14. Host a give-away for your business and promote it.
Maybe it’s a free consultation, or a small product or service you offer.

15. Do something creative (that’s not directly related to your business) to get your creative juices flowing.

Paint, write a short story, cook an awesome meal, etc.

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