19 Things All Millionaires Did Before They Got Rich

Everyone wants to be rich. Google “how to become wealthy” and you’ll get 7.3 million search results. "Get rich quick" has 9.6 million results.

But as almost any self-made millionaire will tell you, wealth isn’t an accident. They had to develop a mindset and attitudes that shaped their approach to work and life -- setting them on the path to success. And they did so when they hadn’t made it yet, building a foundation of habits that led to their eventual wealth.

For example, millionaires ban excuses from their lives. If you’re unwilling to accept accountability for your mistakes and try to shift blame onto others or external factors, you’ll never end up with the results you need.

Hedge fund manager James Altucher compiles 18 more habits of eventual millionaires in the infographic below.

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