Attention HR: Learn How You and Your Staff Can Communicate Better…

Designed to identify and help you understand the behaviour of individuals, DiSC personality tests are as close as you can get to putting a number on someone's work ethic, attitude and dependence.

A DiSC test (a series of multiple-choice questions) shows you where any team member flourishes, how they approach their work and where they need help.

This allows you to fine tune or exploit your team's capabilities and only hire the most dependable and effective candidates for open positions.

Know Yourself, Your Team Or Your Candidates Inside Out With A DiSC Personality Test!

Over 1 million new business men and women take this test every year so that they can confidently talk about their strengths, discover and develop their weaker skills and uncover their true potential.

And Here's The Best Bit...

Discover what makes you (and each member of your team) tick, where you thrive and pinpoint areas where you can grow.

Right now, YOU could learn EVERYTHING you didn't know about your own approach to work for a serious discount.

A personality test this thorough and accurate is actually worth $295, but by requesting one through Adams Business Coachingyou can get yours for just $47!

Details About DiSC

DiSC tests were named after the 4 behavioural traits they measure:

Dominance --
Seeing the bigger picture, taking on challenges, managing a team effectively and reflecting a constant shine of confidence.

Influence --
Skilled in persuading or encouraging others, enjoys collaboration and skilled in developing strong relationships.

Steadiness --
Calm and supportive approaches, placing emphasis on cooperation and always dependable.

Conscientiousness --
Effective even while working independently, fears making wrong decisions, places a lot of focus on accuracy and never tire of building up their skills.

All 4 of the above attributes blend together to form someone's work ethic and approach, showing how each person can be used and placed perfectly to benefit the business.

By getting a detailed report about how closely and individual relates to each of the above characteristics, so that you and your team can:

  • Understand yourselves better, allowing for self-improvement development and confidence. If you're skill set is improving and becoming more well-rounded, you're dedication and talent is sure to be noticed by other people, resulting in a promotion, a raise, or (if you're already at the top of the ladder) you're team will follow your example.
  • Compromise when it comes to communicating with other team members, finding a way you can work most effectively together. Not only will better communication make progress smoother and each working day more organised, but the better than everyone understands each  other and gets alone, the happier and calmer the working environment will be.
  • Develop stronger sales skills by identifying and responding to customer styles. The better you are at selling, the more income you'll make which puts more money in your own pocket.
  • Manage your business more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members. Better management also means your are more prepared for the future and you'll give a better impression to customers, increasing the likelihood of returning customers and referrals.

And with the really inexpensive offer of JUST $47 (when a test this accurate would normally cost you $295), you'd be crazy to miss your chance!

You'll never know which of your skills need nurturing.
You'll never discover what areas of business you're best suited to.
You're business won't develop, stabilize or grow as quickly.
The core strength of your business (the strength of your team) won't build as effectively.

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