Rules for Exceptional Leadership

Robin Sharma believes there are certain skills and attitudes that allow you to rise to extraordinary success:

  • Leadership is not about your title, it is a way of thinking! Everyone can show Leadership.
  • Leadership is what you do when no one is watching.
  • How excellent are you when you are the only person in the office…. How passionate are you about your business at 5am in the morning, when everyone else is in bed.
  • You have to be willing to think, create, produce like only 5%
  • Consistency is the mother of mastery
  • Small daily improvements when done consistently over time lead to Mastery…. These lead to a world class business ….which in turn lead to a tsunami of results!!

the new rules of exceptional leadership

1) You’re paid not just to work. The place where your greatest fears live are where your greatest growth lies. This ability to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone will allow you to grow as a leader.

2) The old model of leadership is obsolete. Now anyone can show leadership.

3) A job is only a job if you choose to see it as a job. Your job is an opportunity for you to express more of the talents that you have.

4) Your number one competitive edge is growing leaders at all levels. Your job is to grow more leaders. If you are not doing this you are just enabling followers.


If you are developing talent all around you and you are growing more leaders, your business will become unstoppable in the market place. You will also feel fantastic about your work because you will be provoking and inspiring people to do work that they have never done, that’s Leadership!

leadership is about three simple things:

1) Inspiration. Creative businesses where born in a moment of inspiration.2) Influence. Your team will behave exactly the way that you behave.3) Impact. Less Talk more Do, Ideation without Execution is mere delusion. In the age of dramatic distraction there is a need to roll up your sleeves and FOCUS on a few deliverables.


The number one trait of success:

  • It is not your intelligence; you are already smart enough.
  • It is not your history; it does not matter.
  • It is not your environment.
  • Number one factor in success in education, in business, in sport, in life is Grit.
  • GRIT: You do not give up….The super successful spend at least 2 hours and 44 minutes every day for ten years mastering their art. You stay focused on the one thing that, if you do it well, will become your lasting legacy.
    • The 6 Devotions of Leaders without Titles.
    • Be so good we can’t take our eyes off you. How can we deliver more value to our clients. Be so good at what you do that you create your own economy. We need you to be a master of your class.
    • Go Minimalist like Michelangelo. Build your days, your life around one thing. Clarity is power.
    • Avoid the arrogance of Success. When you become successful in business, or leadership you become susceptible. You still need to have fire in your belly.
    • Leave people better than you found them. “The business of business is people” If you take care of the relationship then the money will take care of itself. Ask: How can we have a world class Customer relationship? How can we give our customers massive amounts of value? How can we surprise them? If your customers do not love you, your competitors will take away your customers.
    • How can you offer 10 times the value than your competitors do?
    • Remember that failure is greatness waiting to happen. Success is a numbers game, look at the number of failures and rejections that James Dyson had before his vacuum cleaners were eventually accepted.
    • Implementation Disciplines
    • Train yourself to get up at 5 am – When you have most energy, most passion, most focus. Spend the first twenty minutes exercising, the next 20 minutes focusing on your plan and the final 20 minutes reading. It will take up to 66 days to change deep ingrained habits, so be prepared for massive self discipline
    • Next 90 days spend the first 90 minutes on your biggest single opportunity, on your Number ONE opportunity.
    • To double your income and productivity, triple your investment in personal development and professional education. The personal who knows the most WILL win
    • Write down Five little acts of excellence that you will achieve every day. Then reflect on three achievements at the end of each day.


1: Who did you become? Did you spend all your potential?2: How many people did you help? How many leaders did you grow? How much value did you create for your clients?

  • “I want to be thoroughly used up when I die. Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I want to make burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations” George Bernard Shaw