Small Business Coaching

As your business grows and responds to an ever-changing business environment, the challenges can become harder to manage. My 1-2-1 business coaching focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skills by working closely together with business owners and their teams to understand the gaps, then choose and help implement the strategies necessary to transform the results of the business. Clients achieve great results by applying the best strategies for their businesses and using the tools that I provide for them or develop for them. I have an extensive “library” of business tools developed over the years. The uniqueness of utilizing my knowledge within a proven business framework combined with Client application is what generates results!

Chris Knowhow + Business Framework + Client Effort = Success

Coaching flexibility leads to BETTER RESULTS so meetings are a mix of face-to-face, online, and by phone.
Initially, a coaching plan is developed for the year ahead and then we work the plan weekly or bi-weekly to


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Benefits from business coaching will include

  • Improved cash flow, profitability & increased asset value of the business.
  • Improve personal effectiveness, leadership & communication skills for owner & team.
  • A clear strategy to drive and manage growth.
  • Better team performance, higher morale, and increased accountability.
  • Effective time management.
  • Know how and understanding of key numbers-the critical drivers for your business.
  • A clear purpose and vision to guide decision-making and future strategy.
  • Identify & implement succession planning.
  • Regain confidence and enthusiasm for your business.

Small Business Sectors Chris has Coached

  • Professional Services – Accountants, Insurance Brokers & Solicitors.
  • Business Services –Architecture, I.T. Support & Web Design.
  • Construction – Contracting & Industrial Cleaning.
  • Retailers – Pharmacy, Symbol Groups, Hospitality & General Retail.
  • Distribution – Food, Ingredient & Cleaning Supplies.
  • Coaching – Start-up Business and Executive coaches globally.

Make this your choice and both YOU & YOUR BUSINESS will BENEFIT for years to come.

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I am an approved Vendor with Enterprise Ireland, so contact me and I can find out if you will qualify for a grant towards your coaching fees.